From of old Belukha is shrouded in mystery, myths and legends. Many people think that mysterious Shambala is hidden somewhere near Belukha - it is the paradise, which will come after people’s disappearance. Umay – the goddess of turcomen lives on Belukha. Form here the great Gautama Buddha came in India. Old Believers think that there is a happy land Belovodie somewhere near Belukha, but not everyone can enter this land. Others believe that there is an energy bridge between Belukha and Everest. Here is the center of the earth which energy comes from space. Native Altaians keep of their relic. In general the cult of mountains worship is very popular in Asia – one should come to the sainted peak with humility in one’s heart and unblotted thoughts. Nicholas Roerich loved this place and devoted many pictures to the Altai. But you will learn more about it in Nicholas Roerich Museum in the village Verh-Uimon.


The 1st day Meeting at the airport or at the railroad station. Transportation by bus Barnaul – Ust-Kan, distance 650 km, trip takes about 10 hours. The road goes through the famous Chuysky and Uimon Highways, one can admire a glorious landscapes of the Altai mountains. The route goes through two picturesque Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes. Several breaks for lunch and in Srostki village, homeland of V. Shukshin, are provided. Camping.
The 2nd day The Auto tour continues. The road goes along the river Cox with crystal water, and overcomes the Gromotuha pass. Visiting Nicholas Roerich Museum. Lunch. Arrival in the Tungur village. Camping on the Katun banks, at the base Uch-Sumer. Accommodation in little houses is available.
The 3d day Start of the active part of the tour. Trekking to the “Tri Berezy” stop. This day you are going to trek 15 km, trek time is about 7 hours.
The 4th day Trekking to the Tukhman river. The path goes through fairy taiga forest and alpine meadows. One can admire snowy peaks of the Katun range. Trekking takes about 7 hours.
The 5th day Trekking through alpine meadows to cedar stop. Tour time is about 7 hours.
The 6th day Trekking to Akkem lake. Visiting the Tekelu waterfall. Trekking through the Sarybel plateau from here one can admire the great view of Belukha.
The 7th day Rest day. Visiting of the Yarliy valley and the Ak-Oyuk ravine. Banya is available.
The 8th day Trekking the Karaturek pass. Hard endurance test as for people as for horses. The pass overlooks the Kucherlinskoye lake and numerous peaks of the Katun Range.
The 9th day Trakking to the Tungur village. It takes about 7 hours. Visiting rock engraving. Camping. Banya. Farewell dinner. Accommodation in little houses is available.
The 10th day Transportation to Barnaul. Accommodation in a hotel.


June – September

The tour cost

85 000 rubbles (not less than 5 people)
Prepayment 20% not later than 30 days before beginning of the tour. The full amount is due on the first day of the tour at the latest
In case of refusal from the tour within 7 days before its beginning, the deposit won’t be returned

The length of the tour

  • By car– 1500km
  • Riding – 120 km

Weather conditions:

The temperature +10- +30 precipitations are possible

Tour Price includes

  • Transport: all transfers according to the program
  • A 3-course meal
  • Professional guides, cookers
  • Horse man services
  • Rental payment of the horses
  • Medical insurance

Tour Price doesn’t include

  • Meal during the trip and return journey in Barnaul.
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Accommodation in hotel and tourists complexes
  • Personal expenses

Personal equipment:

You will need the following clothing: an anorak and trousers that will keep out the wind and rain, a warm tracksuit, couple of t-shirts (shirts), two pairs of shoes (trainers or tennis shoes and high boots for riding), three-four pairs of socks, a cap, sun glasses, a swimsuit, shorts, a personal hygiene kit, camera etc.


  • Professional Cooking is provided. Only fresh vegetables are used.
  • Equipment, camping (fire pits, tents, tables) are provided by guides.
  • Reconnaissance of rapids, providing of insurance and safety, rescue operation are performed by guides
  • Packaging of load and its distribution is provided by horse man
  • The schedule of the tour can be changed in accordance with group requests before the beginning of the tour
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