The mysterious Kuril is paradise for each romantic traveler. Isolation, desert, burning volcanos not much of “beach climate”, poor information – not just scare but quite the opposite -strengthen desire to see foggy, spitfire islands. The Pacific Ocean and crystal rivers, lakes waterfalls, mountains, forests, volcanos and thermal springs plus a rich diversity of pristine plant and animal life – that is the Kuril Islands! The biggest Kuril island is also the most interesting.
Iturup – the largest island of the Kuril Archipelago. It is situated on the south tail of the Kuril Islands. This island is volcanogenic and it has roughness relief. There are 9 burning volcanos and 7 extinguished volcanos and 4 inferred volcanos. There are a lot of waterfalls including one of the most highest in Russia the waterfall Ilya Muromez wth height of water 141 meters. Most of island is covered with bamboo thickets that in combination with roughness relief makes moving very hard.
Bears – are brand identity of the island, there are more than 1500 bears. And what about fishing? Iturup is fishing region - humpback salmon, Siberian salmon, crabs, halibut, sharks etc.
Few people know, that it is Iturup island where on the 26th November in 1991 landed Japanese carrier squadron to attack Pearl Harbour.