Rafting on Caucasus is a breathtaking adventure. Interesting rapids combine here, you will enjoy picturesque landscapes and hospitality of Caucasus.
We offer an opportunity to make a journey on the rivers B. Laba and Belaya. These are one of the most popular rivers for rafting. The difficulty of the itinerary will increase gradually. After the warm-up on the B Laba we go to a village Guzeripil on the Belaya river. Rafting competitions are held here during many years - “Interally Belaya”, which gather together the strongest sportsmen not just from Russia but also from abroad. Passing the rapids Topory and Kishi will leave unforgettable emotions. Besides rafting we are going to visit other nature sights of Adygea: Hadzhoyskaya narrow gorge – almost 1km canyon of the Belaya river, picturesque waterfalls Rufabgo, and also we will see a fairytale of underground Kingdom – Bolshaya Azishskaya cave.